YATES 2016 TRAINING SCHEDULE is Available!!  ►►►


Click on the link on the right side on how you would like to view the upcoming trainings.

We now have two Intelligent Liaison Officer (ILO) classes scheduled.  They are  Wednesday, March 2nd at the Dundee FD and Monday, March 7th at the  Middlesex FD   Start time is 7 pm and it is a 3 hour class.  All are encouraged to come.

Emergency Medical Training

We are looking for First Responders in all fire departments and ambulance corps.  Check with Finger Lakes Region for CFR and EMT Basic Original Classes.  If you are looking at higher level courses such as EMT-I, EMT-CC, or Paramedic also check out Finger Lakes Regional EMS Council or EMSTAR website for all their classes. 

For more information or to register for EMS classes please contact the Office of Emergency Management at (315) 536-3000. 

Fire Service Training

Check the schedule - most classes taught by Yates County State Fire Instructors are 7-10pm and classes taught by OFPC are 4 hour classes 6:30pm - 10:30pm 

Once a month our schedule will be updated with the latest scheduled classes.  Keep checking back!