Deeds, mortgages and other recordings related to these documents are available. Deeds recorded in Yates County prior to July 1, 2001, and mortgages recorded prior to October 1998 are contained in books, also known as libers. Deeds and mortgages recorded since those dates are imaged and available for public viewing by computers located in the public records room. Although imaged recordings are not actually kept in books, Yates County still retains the method of identifying land records by book and page. Click here for more details.

Civil Judgments, Federal Tax Liens, State Tax Warrants and Mechanics Liens.

Doing Business Under Assumed Name Certificates and Incorporations.

Civil files, except for divorce files that are available only to attorneys of record and to the parties involved and files that have been sealed by the Judge.

Criminal files except for sexual abuse files and Youthful Offender files that have been sealed by the Judge.

Pistol Permit files by APPLICANT ONLY.

Military Discharge by APPLICANT ONLY or family member if applicant is deceased.