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Finance                                                                                           Legislative meetings
1-3-17         Audio of meeting                                                         1-9-17      Audio of meeting
1-9-17          Audio of meeting                                                                        Audio of Emply. Rec
2-7-17         Audio of meeting                                                          2-13-17   audio of meeting part 1
2-13-17       Audio of meeting                                                                        audio of meeting part 2
3-7-17         Audio of meeting                                                                        16-17   audio of meeting

4-4-17         Audio of meeting
Government Operations                                                 2-27-17 Audio of Sen. O'Mara and Assem. Palmesano
1-4-17          Audio of meeting                 

2-6-17           Audio of meeting                                                           3-13-17 Legislative   audio of meeting
3-6-17          Audio of meeting                                                            4-10-17 Legislative   audio of meeting
4-3-17          Audio of meeting

Human Services
1-4-17          Audio of meeting
1-9-17          Audio of meeting
2-6-17          Audio of meeting
3-6-17          Audio of meeting
4-3-17          Audio of meeting

Public Safety
1-3-17          Audio of meeting

2-7-17          Audio of meeting
3-7-17          audio of meeting
4-4-17          Audio of meeting

Public Works
1-3-17          Audio of meeting
1-9-17          Audio of meeting

2-6-17        Audio of meeting
3-6-17        audio of meeting
4-3-17        Audio of meeting
4-10-17     audio of meeting