Take Rt. 14 north or south to Rt. 54 west into Penn Yan or take Rt. 364 east into Penn Yan. The DMV office is located on the first floor of the County Office Building on Liberty Street directly across from the main entrance.


Each transaction processed by the Penn Yan DMV Office where a fee is collected, provides revenue to Yates County at the rate of 12.7% of the fee paid.  Residents are encouraged to renew vehicle registrations and drivers' licenses locally.  This can be done either in person, by local mail or by using the convenient drop-box located just outside the DMV Office's main entrance.

Registrations mailed directly to Utica or Albany using the bar-coded envelopes included with the registration/license renewal notice, do not reimburse Yates County for any portion of the fee paid.

Let us keep our dollars in Yates County!

The Penn Yan Motor Vehicle Office provides all types of DMV services and issues the following documents:

  • Vehicle Registrations, including Trailers, Boats and Snowmobiles
  • Driver's Licenses          
  • Learner's Permits
  • Intransit Permits
  • Duplicate Titles
  • Non-Driver Identification cards

The DMV office also processes all types of transactions, including driver's license renewals, amendments, duplicates and reciprocity from out-of-state; issues original, transfers and duplicate license plates; administers eye-tests and learner's permit written tests and collects sales tax on private vehicle sales. Enforcement transactions, including conditional and restricted licenses, also are processed and applicants may sign up for the Drinker Driver Program through the Penn Yan Office.

License applicants also may register to vote at the DMV when processing a license transaction.

If you have any questions, please call 315-536-5122 in Penn Yan. You may also click on the following link to connect to the New York State DMV website for information and to download forms.